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About us

At Paradigmsoft, we empower our clients in their business delivery competence with the Oracle EBS IT Business solutions developed through our industry proven unique Paradigm Shift Delivery (PSD) model.

We offer Oracle EBS Consulting services, Product development, Integration services, Applications Maintenance and Support services, Corporate Training Programmes in diverse business verticals. Our cutting edge IT solutions are aimed to transform Retail Business Management, E-Governance, Banking and Financial services, Health care, Pharma and Life sciences, Manufacturing, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality, Energy Resources and Utilities.

Our Paradigm Shift Delivery (PSD) model positions us to cultivate the human capital innovation and talent to offer cost effective solutions and technology driven business transformation to our clients. We engage with our clients in their efforts to innovate and reinvent their business to address the ever challenging global business demands. Quality is the principal integrated strategy of Paradigm Shift Delivery model converting clients’ vital business operations to cost effective growth engines for their business.

Paradigmsoft cultivates adaptable technology competence with flexible and get done teams in Oracle EBS Consulting, Web Design and Development, Microsoft technologies extracting the best of research and development efforts of domain experts in Business Applications. We proudly say that we are Equal Opportunity Employer as it is our core business ethic so that no employee will not be discriminated in their career growth on the basis of race, sex, creed, religion, color, or national origin.

Our Team

Our Leadership Team of professionals with years of experience delivering consulting services for various top tier accounts globally. We have successfully delivered services for consulting organizations focusing on strategic account management, business development, industry specific solutions and large-scale project delivery.

We have demonstrated content expertise in the functional, technical, business process and methodology aspects of enterprise solutions. This has enabled us to successfully work with a international client base in the Americas, EMEA and the APAC regions with a proven track record of successful client management, business development, delivery and consulting organization development.

Our professional team has received Strategic Leadership Management training from Oracle University and holds various Oracle Certifications. Our leadership team prior to taking entrepreneurship, worked with Oracle Corporation,Sierra Atlantic, Wipro and HCL Technologies.



To be a leading provider of integrated business solutions - helping organizations across the globe to shift business paradigm and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.


2017 - Emerged as growing IT services provider and registered as Paradigmsoft IT Solutions Pvt Ltd

2014 - Paradigmsoft IT Solutions started it services in the IT sector as a Partnership Firm

Our Core Values

CWe are proud to be an entrepreneurial venture. Each of us is an entrepreneur in spirit. We value and promote risk taking, innovation, and pushing the limits of what's known and understood. We dream up visions and then work hard to bring our vision to life. The vision may be an innovative idea, an opportunity, or simply a better way of doing something. When we make these visions real, we create value - financial, social or cultural. We view change as a force of possibility rather than as a creator of problems.

People are our greatest asset, we firmly believe that the success of our organisation depends largely on the quality and commitment of our people. We also believe that it is the organisation's prime responsibility to offer its people an environment conducive to performance, learning, innovation and growth.

To understand, meet and exceed customer needs and expectations. All our operations are carried out with Customer Delight at the core. We firmly believe that the success of our enterprise rests solely on the delight and friendship of our customers. It is therefore imperative that each of our actions, collective or individual take the company closer in delighting our customer.

A high standard of Integrity and ethical business practices is the bedrock of our organisation. These values are basic and non-negotiable. These values have to be followed consistently in all our interactions with all our stakeholders - customers, suppliers, employees.

We strive to excel in our work individually and collectively to create the best quality of the greatest value with minimum resources. The quality of our offering to the customer is the sum of the quality of our products and individual people performances. We strive for perfection using the minimum amount of resources - time, material and manpower. For us, excellence is a dynamic state, an endeavour at bettering what has been achieved.

Quality solutions consistently and be responsive towards their goals and expectations.
Supporting customers through IT management services.
Optimizing resources and active participation of partners for continual improvement of processes in an eco-friendly manner.

Providing innovative, cost-effective, end-to-end business solutions that are customized, integrated, upgradable & scalable. Supporting customers through IT management services - virtual network of experts to sustain, manage and grow with growing business needs.